HPI warning to used bike buyers

People interested in buying second hand motorcycles are urged to be extra careful while making the purchase as it could be a stolen vehicle.

The warning was issued by HPI, as Motorcycle News revealed that one in five vehicles stolen is a motorbike.

Being easy targets for thieves to steal, two wheelers account for 22% of overall vehicles theft in 2010 - leading to a rise of 17% from 2006.

Nicola Johnson, consumer services manager for HPI, said: "Bikes are smaller and less secure than cars making them easier to steal and move on which presents a huge risk to consumers. Buying a stolen bike means consumers could lose the bike and the money they paid for it when it's returned to the owner."

Bikers need to ensure they get a thorough history check of the bike, to avoid making a potentially dangerous mistake by buying a stolen vehicle.

They can carry out an HPI bike check which has links with the Police National Computer and see if the bike they wish to buy has been registered as stolen. The HPI Check information will also help the buyer to verify the engine number of the bike.

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