HPI: Look out for motor Scrooges

People looking to buy a car for a loved one this Christmas should beware motor Scrooges, HPI has emphasised.

As Christmas fast approaches, HPI is warning people against making hasty used car purchases without first carrying out a vehicle check.

The used car checking service warns that one in four vehicles checked by HPI are still on outstanding finance.

If people unwittingly buy such a vehicle, they stand to lose it and the money they paid for it if the car is returned to the lender.

"The tough economic climate means this is the biggest threat to used car buyers," said Nicola Johnson, consumer services manager of HPI.

Ensuring the vehicle you buy is covered by comprehensive car insurance is also vital.

Ms Johnson added: "Used car buyers need to remain vigilant, as fraudsters will be looking to make a fast buck over the festive period.

"Although there might be loved ones they would like to buy a vehicle for, they should still exercise caution when looking at vehicles, and, if they have any doubts over a vehicle, they should walk away."

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