Hoy admits to road training fears

Sir Chris Hoy has admitted a healthy "natural fear" of training on the roads in light of a car accident that involved a group of Olympic cycling trainees.

While training in Belgium, five women from British Cycling's Olympic Academy Programme had to be rushed to hospital after a car pulled out of a junction.

The 34-year-old champion said: "It's always in the back of your mind and I think it's quite healthy to have that natural fear, just to be always aware and ride sensibly.

"Whilst you don't necessarily have your destiny in your own hands - you're always at the mercy of other road users - you do have to expect the unexpected."

Hannah Mayho, 19, was operated upon her broken left leg and her injured right arm and wrist are in a plaster cast.

Lucy Martin cracked a vertebra, Katie Colclough had concussion, and Emma Trott got a black eye and had her collarbone pinned. They are all 20-year-olds.

Sarah Reynolds, 18, injured her hand and cut her chin.

The four-time Olympic champion is promoting London's Sky Ride event on September 5, which will see traffic on streets reduced so that cyclists can explore the capital and enjoy their day out.

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