How to stay safe on long holiday trips

How to stay safe on long holiday trips

Motoring specialist Peter Rodger has issued new guidance to keep drivers safe during the long bank holiday weekend journeys ahead.

Mr Rodger, of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, urges drivers to stock up on petrol beforehand to avoid panics in traffic jams when the fuel alert light starts flashing. Such foresight can save drivers having to call their breakdown cover service out.

Taking it in turns to drive also comes highly recommended. This way, one adult can supervise the children, while the other is behind the wheel. They can alternate this throughout their journey.

Mr Rodger also advises frequent rest breaks, ideally at no more than 120-minute intervals. Sensible eating and drinking is also advocated. Few things wreck concentration more than dehydration.

Lastly, the IAM expert recommends a good night's sleep before a trip. If drivers still find themselves drowsy, they should take a 20-minute snooze away from the motorway or get themselves a coffee, it is believed.

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