Hot Wheels to attempt jump record

Hot Wheels, the toy car brand, is aiming to get into the record books with a real-life recreation of one of its popular track sets.

At the Indianapolis 500 arena, organisers have built a scale model of the V-Drop toy set, which consists of a jump ramp that hangs down from a door, providing a steep high-speed drop.

A mystery stunt driver will take a 850bhp truck down the track in a bid to break the current 320ft world record for a four-wheeled vehicle jump.

The replica of the door is 100ft high and will serve as the starting point for the truck, which will then drive down at speeds of more than 90mph along the track before flying off it for the jump.

The stunt takes place on May 29 and fans can see the ramp and the practice runs onYouTube.

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