Honda upgrades Civic Type R Mugen

The super-exclusive Civic Type-R Mugen has been given an upgrade by Honda even before the end of its first limited edition production run.

Improvements have been made to the engine, suspension and brake system, making the new Civic Type-R Mugen sportier and more powerful.

Honda had planned just 20 units of the concept which was first unveiled in 2010. Each car has been hand-built by Mugen engineers on customer specifications.

Now the Civic Type-R Mugen has been given a bigger 2.2-litre engine which delivers 30% more power and torque than the regular model.

Its power output is 18bhp higher than the standard Type-R and the model has also been given a sports suspension and a brand new bodykit.

Four cars from the original production run still remain, and Honda is yet to decide whether they will be equipped with the bigger engine or the vehicles already delivered offered an upgrade by Mugen.

Meanwhile, Honda is showcasing the latest edition of its Civic hatchback at the Frankfurt motor show.

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