Honda unveils sporty new hybrid

Car giant Honda has brought a touch of style to the hybrid car market in the form of its new model, the CR-Z.

The sleek new coupe was unveiled to the world's press prior to going on sale in Japan on Friday and in Europe and the US later in the year.

Honda's latest entry into the hybrid car market has been made with younger drivers in mind as the car maker seeks to broaden its customer base on the back of the success of Toyota's Prius and Honda's own Insight model.

The eco-friendly CR-Z goes on sale in Japan priced £16,500 for the basic model and boasts an equally impressive fuel economy, squeezing 58.8 miles per gallon from its unique petrol-electric engine.

The timing of the CR-Z's release looks set to capitalise on the dent in consumer confidence at Honda's main rival, Toyota, which has been plagued by recalls over recent weeks following claims of faulty accelerator pedals and brake problems on its own flagship hybrid model, the Prius.

Honda has reassured customers that its braking system for hybrids is slightly different to Toyota's, and that the company has not received complaints about braking problems on any of its hybrid models.

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