Honda unveils fuel-efficient engine

A new scooter engine has been created by car and bike manufacturer Honda, which claims the motorcycle uses 25% less fuel than a conventional model.

The scooter is expected to be used by those who commute in Japan, South-East Asia and other countries.

The engine was developed in a series of steps which worked together as one, rather than in one major breakthrough.

Honda says one of the steps looked at reducing friction in parts of the engine such as in pistons.

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There is no set price for the scooter yet, but the company says has accepted the "crucial challenge" of keeping costs low.

Honda also announced it was planning to target Europe, and the rest of the globe, with a bigger, greener motorcycle engine.

The manufacturing giant did not reveal when the medium-sized cycle will be available to buy, but said more details would be revealed next month at auto shows in Tokyo and Milan.

Nearly 50% of the global commuter scooter market is controlled by Honda,.

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