Honda to recall nearly 1m vehicles

Almost a million Honda cars are being recalled globally, it has been announced.

The car maker said that 936,000 units of the Jazz, CR-V and City models will be recalled in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa to fix a defect in the power window master switch in the driver's side.

Honda said the design of the power window master switch can allow residue from interior cleaners to accumulate, which can cause the electrical contacts to degrade, potentially leading to a fire.

The car maker has also announced a global recall of 26,000 units of its CR-Z compact hybrid models to fix programming issues related to the engine control unit.

No related injuries have been reported, according to the manufacturer.

Honda was named the second-largest Japanese automobile manufacturer in 2001 after it overtook Nissan.

It is also the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

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