Honda loses US court fuel claim

Car maker Honda could face a rush of claims across the world after it lost a court battle in the US against a motorist in relation to its advertised fuel economy.

Former lawyer Heather Peters, of California, was awarded 9,867 US dollars (£6,244) by Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Douglas Carnahan after he agreed that Honda was misleading in claims over its Civic hybrid model.

Having been advertised as being able to achieve 50 miles per gallon, Mr Carnahan's judgment said: "At a bare minimum Honda was aware ... that by the time Peters bought her car there were problems with its living up to its advertised mileage."

Ms Peters, who is renewing her legal licence to represent other Honda owners with the same problem, said: "I am absolutely thrilled. Sometimes big justice comes in small packages. This is a victory for Honda Civic owners everywhere."

Honda spokesman Chris Martin said that the company disagreed with the judgment and planned to appeal.

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