Honda dealer donates cars to flood victims

Honda dealer donates cars to flood victims

A Honda dealership in Cumbria is giving away a car a day in the run-up to Christmas to help victims of the recent floods.

Kendal Honda, which itself was nearly flooded, announced on its Facebook page that it plans to donate one of its trade cars every day, kicking off with a 1999 Mercedes C-class.

The post reads: "All of us here at Kendal Honda would like to offer our deepest sympathies to everyone in our fantastic area that has been affected by the recent storms and subsequent flooding.

"We have been racking our brains as to what we can do to help some of the families affected by this awful situation so close to Christmas and have decided the thing we have to hand and that lots of people may need at the moment are cars.

"So we would like to donate one of our trade cars each day to someone you know who lives in our local area and has been affected by the recent floods."

The message goes on to say that although the cars on offer might not be in perfect condition, they are have all had an MoT and are safe to drive. It is down to the new owner to organise tax and insurance.

The dealership says it has had a great response to the offer, and people have also been in touch to offer to pay the vehicle tax if the new owners cannot afford it themselves.

Anyone who has been affected by the flooding and in need of a car can apply by leaving their name as a comment under the Facebook post.

Kendal Honda says the new owners will be chosen at random. There is no set time-scale on the offer at present, but there is only a limited number of trade cars left in stock.

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