Honda Civic production starts in UK

Car maker Honda has started the production of the new Civic at its Swindon plant.

Manabu Nishimae, Honda's president for Europe, has asserted that operations are returning to normal in the UK, starting with the mass production of the new Civic model.

He said that the company had "turned a corner" and expected a significant production increase in 2012.

Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd (HUM), which operates a number of manufacturing plants at the site in Swindon, has said that it will return to a two shift operation in the late spring of next year.

Andy Piatek, HUM director, has announced that anticipating an increase in production levels, Honda UK will be hiring 500 new employees at the Swindon plant.

Mr Nishimae said: "We will build upon our new found strength and remain confident of our ability to achieve and succeed in the future."

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