Honda brings Clarity to eco-range

Honda brings Clarity to eco-range

Honda has launched the first ever five-seater fuel cell car.

The Japanese motor giant's eco-friendly Clarity is available on a lease-only during its first year in its native country.

Companies, the Ministry for the Environment and other government departments are the sole beneficiaries.

the firm's homeland sales target during the first 12 months is a modest 200 units.

Japanese drivers looking at buying a Clarity can eventually expect to pay 7.66 million yen (£47,500) for the privilege. Monthly leases will be pegged back to £625, thanks to state subsidies.

The zero-emissions vehicle is going on sale in the US before the end of the year.

It is expected to retail there at around £42,500, while monthly leases can be obtained for up to £355.

On a full tank, the Clarity has an unprecedented 470-mile (756km) cruise range for saloon cars, Honda claims.

The manufacturer says it has developed a more powerful, smaller fuel cell so that the Clarity can carry five passengers not four, as before.

The announcement ties in with Honda's goal of making two in every three vehicles zero-emissions by the end of the next decade.

These will include fuel cells, plug-ins, hybrids and electric vehicles.

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