Honda announces CR-Z hybrid prices

Motoring giant Honda has announced prices for its new CR-Z hybrid coupe model.

The car will come in three models priced between £16,999 and £19,999.

Though each model, named the CR-Z S, Sport and GT, will have different levels of equipments and accessories, the car manufacturer said six airbags, active headrests, ESP and climate control will be part of all models.

The S model will have additional heated door mirrors, electric windows, a self-dimming rear mirror and daytime running lights.

Top level Sport models will get an uprated sound system, a leather gear knob, cruise control, parking sensors, multi-function steering wheel and privacy glass.

The CR-Z's battery and electric motor Integrated Motor Assist system will be the same as those in the Insight hybrid model, Honda said.

The new hybrid will provide 56.4mpg and 117g/km with a 1.5-litre petrol engine and offers the luxury of a driving experience of a sports coupe and two-plus-two seating.

The CR-Z was launched at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. It can be ordered through Honda dealers from early March this year.

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