Homes 'broken into for car keys'

Thieves have been breaking into properties with the aim of removing keys and stealing vehicles, police warn.

Households are being urged to make sure their homes are more secure so they do not have to face the prospect of calling the police and making acar insurance claim over their missing vehicle.

There has been a number of burglaries committed in Central Bedfordshire, where thieves made a 'quiet entry' into the properties and took car keys, it has been revealed.

Recent cars that have been removed using this technique include a new Vauxhall Insignia, an eight-year-old silver VW Golf, a six-year-old silver Vauxhall Tigra.

And it appears that the task of locating the keys is an easy one.

According to police, keys have been left in the lock on the outside of a door or on the inside of a door with an open cat flap underneath.

Some people are also choosing only to single-lock their doors, despite having the option of more than one lock.

Police are advising that people ensure doors are double-locked where possible, keys are not kept in locks but are hidden in a safe place and that cat flaps are secured..

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