Holy smokes! Batmobiles go on sale

The chance to mimic Bruce Wayne and drive a Batmobile has now become a reality, with replicas available via an online retailer for £120,000.

The original must have guzzled fuel and the no-claims bonus was unlikely to have lasted long, but at least any purchasers will not have to list superhero - sure to drive up premiums, especially in crime-ridden Gotham City - on their car insurance applications.

This car is a replica of the one used in the 1960s show, complete with all its gadgets, and can be driven legally on the road.

Firebox.com, based in the US, produce the car under licence and include 'rocket exhaust' flame throwers, a bat-ray projector and even a flashing red bat phone.

They are a few technological extras, with a DVD player on the dashboard and six speakers to relay the sound system.

The iconic vehicles, which are wet sanded by hand to get rid of any surface paint imperfections, also boast custom leather seats, a push-button ignition, working lights and a brand new GM350 crate engine to power their fibreglass body.

"Needless to say replica Batmobiles don't come cheap," notes Firebox of the cars' hefty price tag.

"But suave millionaires and their youthful wards don't care about money, and neither should you.

"This is your chance to own a custom built, officially licensed replica of the most famous car on the planet. Holy mechanical marvel!"

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