Hit-and-run repairs 'cost £169m'

Innocent motorists are being hit with huge repair costs because of fellow drivers who flee after crashing into parked cars, according to a report.

Nearly a fifth of motorists who crash into unoccupied vehicles flee without leaving their contact orcar insurance details, a survey by Accident Exchange has found.

The annual repair bill from such hit-and-run collisions totals around £169 million, said the firm which analysed 50,000 accident claims for the study.

But nearly six out of 10 drivers do get in touch with the owner of the car they've damaged, while 20% leave a note with their contact addresses or numbers.

An estimated 700,000 incidents every year involve crashing into parked cars, with a fifth of these occurring in car parks and the remaining on the streets.

"Parked car prangs cost the insurance industry more than £1.2bn annually in repairs," said Accident Exchange's Lee Woodley.

"It's therefore appalling to think that £169m of that figure has to be picked up by the innocent motorists own insurance policy. The hope is that this is not an indication of a fleeing culture from Britain's motorists."

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