Highways England to take over on April 1

Highways England to take over on April 1

The way that major English roads are managed and built will change on April 1.

This has been announced as the date A-roads and motorways will pass from the hands of Highways Agency officials into those of Highways England.

It is hoped the switch will reduce the time motorists spend in queues, due to quicker road repairs brought about by a more coordinated approach.

Ministers describe Highways England as an "arms-length" government firm. It is hoped the new arrangement will see better long-term planning and investment.

Taxpayers' costs are likely to be reduced as essential work is speeded up through equipment and skills. In fact, it is hoped t he switch is one of numerous road reforms which are likely to save taxpayers upwards of £2.6 billion during the upcoming decade.

John Hayes, the Transport Minister, called the reforms the UK's "most far-reaching" and "boldest" roads improvement scheme for decades.

He said maintaining the roads well is key to an economy-boosting modern transport network.

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