Highway Code makes bus stop error

An error has been spotted in the Highway Code which fails to tell drivers not to park in bus stops.

Civil servants from the Department of Transport discovered the mistake while researching a parliamentary question.

Government whip Earl Attlee said it would be corrected next time the guide for road users is published.

At question time in the House of Lords, Lord Attlee, answering for the Government, had faced questions about the problems faced by disabled passengers if parked cars mean buses are unable to stop in the proper place.

Lord Attlee said that local authorities had powers to keep bus stops clear and the Government "encouraged" them to use them.

But Labour's Lord Davies of Oldham asked: "Is the Highway Code entirely clear about the obligations of motorists with regard to parking at bus stops?"

Lord Attlee replied: "My officials take great interest and care in drafting replies to all parliamentary questions. In the research process it was discovered that there is an error in rule 240 of the Highway Code that doesn't list bus stop clearways as somewhere you must not stop.

"At the next printing of the Highway Code we will correct that error."

Rule 240 of the Highway Code lists a series of places where motorists must not wait or park, including motorway hard shoulders and cycle lanes, but makes no mention of bus stops.

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