High voltage deals for electric cars

High voltage deals for electric cars

Volkswagen's new electric e-Golf is heading for the market alongside its regular combustion engine siblings, the carmaker has announced.

Batteries will be included when you buy the e-Golf, unlike with Renault's Zoe, where battery rental is separate from the purchase of the car.

Incentives on the scale of the BMW i3 will not be included. With the i3, owners will have access to larger cars with conventional engines if they are going on holiday or taking a particularly long drive.

However, e-Golf owners will have discounts available from Europcar if they have to go further than the e-Golf's 118-mile range, or into places where there are no recharging facilities.

An added bonus is that e-Golf drivers can have a charging unit put in absolutely free of charge from British Gas.

The e-Golf will start at £25,845 following the initial £5,000 government discount, coming in cheaper than both the GTI and GTD models.

It is expected that most sales will be covered by the business world at present, with only 24 VW dealerships offering the eGolf services so far.

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