High rate of young deaths on roads

Thirteen young people aged 15-25 die on Britain's roads every week, new figures have revealed.

The leading cause of death for young people is road deaths, with many young drivers taking extreme risks on the roads.

Common examples of causes of roads deaths are overtaking on blind corners, speeding and driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs.

National road safety charity Brake and Co-operative Insurance have launched an initiative to help cut the number of deaths among young people on the roads, through the 2 Young 2 Die website.

The website highlights the deadly results of bad driving and also provides an opportunity for young people and individuals to learn about the carnage caused by bad driving and find out why safe driving is crucial.

David Neave, director of general insurance for the Co-op, said: "The number of young people killed on our roads each year continues to paint a very worrying picture.

"We believe that education aimed at young drivers is key to reducing the number of young people killed on our roads. We want to empower as many young adults from across the spectrum of our society with the awareness they need to stay alive on the roads."

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