High cost of city centre commute

A new survey has shown that motorists commuting into major cities clock up the equivalent of 10 days a year driving to and from work.

According to the poll by enterprise communications company Aastra, London is the most expensive and time-consuming city to travel into, with Leeds and Bristol close behind.

The cost to workers who drive 25 miles into central London five days a week is more than £7,946 a year. If such commuters worked from home just one day a week, they could each make a saving of £1,589 a year in costs when taking into account petrol prices and general wear and tear.

Michael Calvert, general manager of Aastra in the UK, said: "Commuting to work every day can be a major strain on people's finances and increase their stress levels.

"Given that many of London's commuters - if equipped with the right, readily-available technology - could do their job equally well, if not better, from home, it's a wonder why more firms are not enabling flexible working practices."

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