Hidden camera catches car thief

A tiny hidden camera has been used to photograph a Bristol thief stealing from a parked car for the third time this year.

James Milsom, 21, from Mangotsfield, was caught by a covert capture car, which is used by police around the city to catch criminals in the act.

The capture car works by using miniature covert cameras to photograph thieves as they break into the vehicle, thereby assisting officers in the subsequent arrest.

Milsom, 21, was sentenced at Bristol Magistrates' Court to 14 weeks in prison for the theft.

In February and March, Milsom was caught on camera breaking in to two covert capture cars, which were parked in Queen Charlotte Street car park and Tyndalls Park Road, police said.

Superintendent Ian Wylie said: "Some of the photographs we have got from the cars have been excellent images. There is no doubt who the thief is and what they are doing. When faced with such evidence, there is no other way to go than guilty.

"We also know that the car criminals are talking about these cars - they know they are out there and that any car could be the covert car which would lead to an almost certain arrest."

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