Help for women against road bullies

Help for women against road bullies

Women are to be offered help to protect themselves against aggressive drivers and potential dangers if their car breaks down.

It is part of a new initiative run by serving police officer and self-protection expert Andy Williams called Women in Gear.

The scheme includes an evening workshop course to teach basic maintenance and useful get-you-home tips.

"Women are perceived as being more vulnerable than men and are seen as an easy target when it comes to road rage," said Mr Williams.

"Also, other people are scared to get involved, even if they see it's a woman being attacked, so you have to be able to defend yourself."

The aim of the initiative is to help women sort out minor problems with their car in the event of abreakdown rather than having to wait at the roadside.

There will also be lessons on how to avoid road rage situations, defensive driving to make drivers safer and how to ward off a possible road rage attacker.

Hendy Kia in Eastleigh, Hampshire, is overseeing the courses, although there are plans in the pipeline to expand the scheme around the country to help other female motorists learn these simple techniques.

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