Heavy snow expected in the North

Snow has continued to fall across many parts of the UK after winter storms made London grind to a halt as the city failed to cope with the hazardous conditions.

Heavy snow showers have moved north leaving icy conditions behind, and forecasters are now expecting areas of Scotland, Wales and northern England to bear the brunt of the next round of winter blizzards.

Higher parts of the Pennines and Jedburgh in the Borders have already seen extensive falls and the Met Office has issued an extreme weather warning to motorists to beware of icy roads and drifting snow.

It is expected thousands of children up and down the country will enjoy another day off school after many schools and colleges remain shut.

Claire Austin, forecaster from MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, said: "Northern England and Scotland will be having lots of snow, mainly on higher ground, with sleet and rain elsewhere.

"As the day goes on northern England will get drier but the rain will stay in Scotland and fall as snow over higher ground. The rest of the country will stay pretty much dry."

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