Heathrow 'most expensive for cars'

Car parking prices at airports vary from the "sublimely low" to the "ridiculously high", a survey by Which? Car has shown.

The magazine looked at the cost of one week's parking at 15 of the country's busiest airports, with Manchester's park-and-ride option coming in cheapest at £19.84.

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive airports were found in the London area, with business parking at Heathrow costing an extraordinary £88.70.

The cheapest spaces at the west London airport were provided by Purple Parking, at £53.95 for an off-airport option.

Some of the cheapest seven-day, on-site parking options were at Belfast International (£23), Liverpool (£27.99) and Bristol (£29).

In terms of hotels, the Comfort Inn at Heathrow (£71 for seven days) and the Europa Hotel at Gatwick (£65 for a week) were the cheapest. The Sofitel Heathrow at £198.58 and the Hilton Gatwick at £139 were the most expensive.

Which? Car said: "Prices can range from sublimely low to ridiculously high. And just because you pay for a particular service, such as meet-and-greet, it's not guaranteed to take the strain out of your journey."

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