Having no cover 'could be costly'

Almost a third (31%) of motorists are about to embark on the winter driving season with no roadside breakdown cover in place, according to new figures from the RAC.

Those most at risk of being stranded at the roadside are young women aged between 18 and 24, with 40% choosing not to take out this type of cover.

Breaking down without cover is a fairly common occurrence, the study revealed, with 35% of all drivers having had such an experience. Almost half (48%) of motorists stranded without cover called on family members to rescue them.

One of the reasons for drivers not taking out breakdown cover was the perceived high cost. Almost three quarters (76%) of those surveyed did not know that roadside assistance is available for under £40 a year, with 11% thinking it costs over £100.

Iain Vale, RAC patrol of the year, said: "Times are tight but forsaking breakdown cover could lead to a costly and worrying situation.

"I'm especially concerned that young people are unnecessarily putting themselves at risk. My experience as a patrol means I've come across vulnerable young people at the roadside in the dark and relying on family and friends to rescue you isn't the best option."

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