Hauliers warn of wildcat threat

Lorry drivers who took part in a police-controlled protest in London against record high fuel prices have warned of possible wildcat action in the future.

Hundreds of hauliers were led through central London streets by police motorcyclists in a bid to get the Government to act on fuel prices which freight companies say are wrecking their businesses.

Although a section of the busy London-bound A40 Westway road in west London was closed so lorries could park, the protest was a non-disruptive one.

But Kent-based haulier Peter Carroll of the fuel protest group Transaction warned that unless Government policy changed, some drivers could take part in spontaneous and disruptive action.

At a rally for drivers on foot outside the Houses of Parliament, Mr Carroll said: "I fear that if the Government does not listen, they (drivers) might end up doing things that we would not condone but which we would understand."

For the first time, a protest of this kind was backed by the Road Haulage Association (RHA), whose chief executive Roger King said it was vital that fuel duty for all transport modes were fixed at the same level throughout the EU.

He went on: "If the UK Government does not address this (fuel duty) problem there is going to be precious little of the haulage industry left."

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