'Happy splasher' could face action

'Happy splasher' could face action

Police could take action against a motorist caught splashing children at a bus stop by driving through a nearby puddle.

Officers watched a half-a-minute movie clip posted on YouTube of Kerry Callard's driving in Plymouth, Devon.

During the footage from inside the car, she is seen driving down Weston Mill Hill and through a large puddle close to where the children were waiting.

The 29-year-old voluntarily informed police about the incident and they are currently reviewing the evidence.

Other several so-called "happy splashing" videos are posted on the internet. Ms Callard's footage has been taken off YouTube.

Devon and Cornwall Police said this type of behaviour could lead to charges of careless or even dangerous driving.

Says a spokesman: "Not only is it showing no consideration to the pedestrians who may get a soaking, but it could result in the driver losing control of the vehicle due to the force of the water snatching the wheel from the hands, or by the vehicle aquaplaning."

In 2005, a Somerset motorist who drenched a workman by driving through a puddle was fined £150 and given three penalty points by Yeovil magistrates after confessing to driving without due consideration.

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