Hammond in £110,000 supercar crash

TV presenter Richard Hammond has been involved in a four-car pile-up while driving his £110,000 supercar.

The Top Gear star was driving his exclusive Morgan Aeromax at the time of the smash on the A40 near Gloucester around three years after he escaped death when his jet car crashed at 288mph.

A BMW 3 Series, a Volvo V40, and a Nissan Almera, as well as the Morgan are thought to have been involved in the incident at the Over Roundabout over the weekend, but Gloucestershire police could not confirm or deny that Hammond, known as The Hamster, was involved.

However, the presenter is believed to have been on his way home from a flying lesson nearby when the accident occurred.

An eyewitness said: "Richard was at the back of the line and he received no damage to his rear end but the front was in a pretty bad way.

"Everyone got out and exchanged details and there was some good-humoured banter exchanged by the drivers after they realised it was him."

A police spokesman said there was a "damage only" accident involving four cars at the roundabout requiring no action from officers and the BBC said the presenter had been involved in a minor collision but was unharmed.

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