Hamilton vs Hoy in champions' race

The Race of Champions at Wembley next month will see Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton take on Britain's triple Olympic gold medal-winner Chris Hoy.

Hamilton's "weapon of choice" for the face-off with the cyclist will be a Mercedes-Benz, with the pair racing on a parallel track as part of the build-up to the annual event on December 14.

"This is going to be something very special," said the F1 star, who will also perform a demonstration run in his title-winning McLaren.

"I've done F1 demonstration runs away from race tracks before, but Wembley Stadium is completely different, the atmosphere is going to be crazy.

"It's going to be a great way to end a fantastic year, and I'm really looking forward to putting on a show to thank the fans from all over the world and my fantastic British fans for all their support."

Hoy, who won gold in the keirin, sprint and team sprint in Beijing, added: "I can kick out about two and a half brake horsepower so that's not going to quite match his car but I think they'll make the race as close as possible and I'll be giving it absolutely everything; I'm really looking forward to it."

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