Half-price courses for new drivers

In an effort to keep motorists safe, new drivers in Gloucestershire will be offered half-price Pass Plus courses.

Gloucestershire County Council, in partnership with Cheltenham-based A-Plan Insurance, is giving drivers who have just passed their test the opportunity to do Pass Plus for £75.

The course is designed to give drivers more experience and confidence when it comes to dealing with challenges such as motorway driving.

Councillor Tim Harman, Cheltenham Road Safety Liaison Group chairman, said: "I would strongly encourage all novice drivers to take a Pass Plus course, and if only more drivers continued their learning in this way their driving would be far safer and less stressful.

"The problem is that sadly too few novice drivers actually take this option - perhaps because they feel they have done what is expected of them by passing their driving test, or, more likely, because they can't afford the additional £150.

"This is why I welcome the offer from A-Plan and hope it encourages other insurance brokers and companies to offer similar schemes."

Each year on UK roads around 1,200 young drivers are killed.

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