Group calls for petrol duty cuts

Figures which show that drivers in the UK are subject to the highest fuel taxes in Europe are being used by groups which are calling for the Treasury to cut petrol duty levels.

Conservative MP Philip Davies revealed figures which show that taxes and duties account for 60% of the price of petrol and 58% of diesel in Britain, much higher than for the rest of the European Union (EU).

Cyprus has the lowest EU figure for petrol (43% of the total) and Luxembourg the lowest for diesel (38%), and FairFuelUK campaigners, who are backed by the RAC, are set to hammer home the message during a meeting with Treasury Minister Chloe Smith in a bid to help motorists struggling with highcar insurance costs.

Peter Carroll, who founded FairFuelUK, said: "These figures are another sign that we are going the wrong way with fuel duty. We are calling on the Chancellor for a sea change in policy. He may claim that he has no money but high fuel duty is killing the economy.

"He can't say that motorists are a breed apart. Everyone depends on the car, whether as a motorist or a consumer needing road-carried goods."

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