Grit stocks 'massively' depleted

Stocks of grit in some authorities are "massively" depleted after heavy snowfalls across the UK, and some councils have just three days' worth of grit left, according to a local government spokesman.

Councils have been criticised for failing to prevent disruption on the country's roads, which meant that millions of workers were unable to get to work and thousands of children were given the day off school.

But the Local Government Association (LGA) has denied the claims that councils are cutting the number of roads they grit because of a short supply of stock.

The spokesman said: "Stocks held by councils range from two weeks' worth to three days worth of grit if they were continuously gritting 24 hours a day.

"This does not mean that councils will run out of grit as stocks are being replenished all the time."

He said that if councils are running low on grit, arrangements will be made with other councils to ensure that everyone has enough grit to maintain safe roads.

But he said: "If that fails to deal with any issue, then councils will talk to the Highways Agency to look for further supplies."

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