Greenpeace storms VW dealerships

Europe's biggest carmaker Volkswagen has become the target of more Greenpeace protests over its environmental credentials.

Campaigners flocked to VW dealerships in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow dressed as Star Wars stormtroopers, alleging that the manufacturer stalled on the introduction of efficient technologies and opposed green measures.

Greenpeace has been accusing Volkswagen of hypocrisy saying the German firm lobbies against tougher environmental laws while cultivating an "eco-friendly" image.

Among the environment group's complaints against Volkswagen is that the company is slower than other brands in cutting down fuel consumption in its vehicles.

The carmaker has also been accused of failing to roll out its fuel-saving, low carbon Blue Motion technology as a standard across its model range.

Volkswagen did not comment on the latest Greenpeace protests although in response to an earlier demonstration in Germany it announced a line-up of green cars to be showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

"With the new small car, the up!, we have an environmental champion with carbon dioxide emissions of just 79 g/km," said Volkswagen head of communications Stephan Gruhsem.

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