Greenpeace spoofs Volkswagen advert

Greenpeace has created a spoof campaign focusing on Volkswagen's mini Darth Vader advert in a bid to highlight concerns over the manufacturer's environmental record.

In the spoof film, other young versions of Star Wars characters take on Vader, while a VW-branded "Death Star" threatens Earth.

Activists dressed as "storm troopers" have also been protesting outside the firm's HQ in Milton Keynes, while campaigners have also scaled London's Old Street advertising hoardings to install banners on the billboards.

A report released by Greenpeace has accused Volkswagen of having the largest environmental impact of any European car manufacturer.

It also claimed that Volkswagen had failed to reduce petrol consumption in its vehicles as quickly as other manufacturers, while it has also failed to standardise technology it has made for highly fuel-efficient vehicles across the fleet.

The report also says that only 6% of the manufacturer's global sales last year were of its most efficient models.

Greenpeace's Emma Gibson, speaking at the launch of the campaign, said: "Volkswagen has spent millions on its newadvert, using children and Star Wars iconography to persuade the public that it's a responsible company.

"It was a stunningly successful advert, so VW can hardly complain if we now turn its own tactics back on the company to shine a light on its poor environmental record."

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