Green revolution for Emerald Isle

A report has predicted around 100,000 motorists in Ireland will be using an electric vehicle within seven years if incentives are put in place.

According to an Oireachtas Committee on climate change, if drivers are offered the right incentives there is the potential for Ireland to become a world leader in pioneering green technology and reducing carbon emissions.

The Drive for Zero: Electric Vehicles Are A Winning Proposition report recommends that a target of 350,000 electric vehicles by 2020 is set and that ten years later all new vehicles for sale should be electric.

The committee has called for a task force to lead the way on electric vehicles by engaging with the motor industry, battery manufacturers and energy experts.

The report has also called for tax incentives to encourage motorists to switch to electric vehicles and for pilot projects to be carried out in towns and villages.

Simon Coveney, a member of the Oireachtas Committee on Climate Change and Energy Security, says that the roll-out of electric vehicles needs to be accelerated so that "Ireland is not left behind".

Figures show an average-sized Renault Megane car costs 10 euros (£8.96) to travel 100km, compared with an electric Megane which would cost 1.60 euros (£1.43).

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