Green light for Dublin car ban plan

Dublin City Council has approved plans to ban cars from the city centre during peak hours.

The new scheme will see cars barred from entering parts of the area during weekdays from 7am to 10am and from 4pm to 7pm. Work on the "bus gate" at College Green is set to commence in July.

A council spokesman said the move was aimed at improving access for users of public transport and to allow shoppers to get in much more easily.

He said: "The key message to be understood of the scheme is that the city centre remains very much open for business.

"Ready access to all of the city centre and its car parks will be maintained at all times and car-borne shoppers and business traffic will continue to be facilitated."

The council says that a campaign to inform motorists about the changes and alternative routes will be launched before the scheme is introduced. New electronic messages will be installed on key access routes to the city centre.

The system will be reviewed after the first six months, the council added.

Business leaders, however, have opposed the plan, saying it will lead to job losses and shift business to suburban centres.

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