Green charity salutes 20mph limit

Green charity salutes 20mph limit

A green travel charity has welcomed proposals to slash City of London speed limits to 20mph.

Sustrans, which encourages people to travel by foot, bike or public transport, believes the plan would save lives.

Supporters say the plan will reduce casualties by nearly 10% while adding only a minute to motorists'journey planner .

The City of London's Court of Common Council sanctioned the scheme as part of its Road Danger Reduction Plan.

Sustrans' London deputy director Matt Winfield said the restriction would make London's city centre streets better places to walk, cycle and socialise. But he said that the plan should be rolled out so that 20mph becomes a national default speed limit.

Mr Winfield said: "A postcode lottery where pedestrians and cyclists are safer in some areas than others is not acceptable."

Boroughs around the City, except Westminster, have already seen a 20mph restriction imposed.

Michael Welbank, chairman of the council's planning and transportation committee, said: "The City of London's street usage has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, with the number of cyclists tripling."

The plan was passed last Thursday (September 12).

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