Green cars call from city drivers

The only way to get most Britons out of their cars is to offer them free public transport, a survey has found.

And a third of the 1,036 people questioned believe a law should be brought in to allow only green cars and electric vehicles in London.

Market information company TNS found that 72% of drivers would not give up their car until they could use public transport without charge.

Meanwhile, 69% wanted 4x4 vehicles - dubbed Chelsea tractors - banned from major British cities. The Scots were the most anti-4x4s, with 77% of them supporting such a ban.

TNS UK managing director Andrew Czarnowski said: "We're seeing quite a gulf emerging between people's aspirations and the reality of taking steps to cut our carbon emissions.

"The green message is clearly hitting home, with a significant proportion of people backing new transport technologies and accepting that things have to change. But despite rising petrol prices, we're still not being pushed on to public transport.

"This feedback is the clearest indication yet that a massive cost incentive is needed to get us off the road and on to the railways."

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