'Green' activists attack city 4x4s

Attacks on gas-guzzling 4x4 vehicles in affluent areas of south Manchester are being blamed on radical environmental activists.

The cars, known as Chelsea tractors, originally because of their popularity with middle-class families in fashionable areas of London, had their tyres slashed or let down.

"Dear road user" notes left on windscreens in the Ladybarn, Withington and Didsbury areas of the city said they were targeted because "they contribute to climate change".

More than 30 cars Ave now been targeted and their owners branded irresponsible for their car's size and fuel consumption.

The large four-wheel drive vehicles, originally intended for use by farmers on rough terrain in the countryside, are also used for school runs and shopping trips by city-dwelling families.

Green activists say that people who own them should pay higher road tax in order to pay for the environmental damage that they cause and to discourage people from buying them.

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