Greater charging point access in England

Greater charging point access in England

Drivers of electric vehicles in England have more charging points at their disposal than their counterparts across the UK.

The RAC Foundation has found that 98% of England's motorway network is no more than 20 miles from an electric vehicle charge point.

This figure falls to 82% when e xtended to include major A roads, although it is a much larger coverage compared to elsewhere.

Just 28% of the major road network in Scotland is within 20 miles of a charge point. It is only slightly better at 45% in Wales.

The data reveals 72% of service stations on motorways in England now offer electric charging points, catering to the green motorist.

As many as 92% of these charging points are rapid, meaning batteries can be almost fully replenished in around half an hour.

There are currently just over 20,000 battery-only vehicles licensed in the UK, but t he £5,000 subsidy for electric cars is being reduced and replaced by a tiered system from March.

Vehicles with a zero-emission range of over 70 miles will be eligible for up to £4,500, while those with a shorter range, such as plug-in hybrids, will be eligible for up to £2,500.

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