Government targets cowboy clampers

All wheel clamping businesses will have to join a compulsory licensing scheme, according to new legislation announced by the Government through the Queen's Speech.

The move, which has been welcomed by motor organisations, will limit the size of clamping penalties that can be imposed. Towing-away practices will be monitored and a fair appeals process will be created.

Motoring charity RAC Foundation director Professor Stephen Glaister said: "Motorists everywhere will be relieved to finally hear of the Government's commitment to tackle the menace of cowboy clampers."

He continued: "It seems ministers have at last listened to the hundreds of thousands of drivers who have been fleeced by rogue operators. It is critical that the Bill be published quickly and put before Parliament before a general election, so public confidence in this essentially lawless area can be restored."

Clamping on private land has been illegal in Scotland since the early nineties.

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