Government petrol price share drops

The Government saw the proportion of revenue it receives from petrol pump prices drop over the last 10 years, according to official figures.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that in 2009/10 the Government's share fell to 66% from 81% in 2001/02. However this was still higher than the 2008/09 figure of 62%, the ONS said.

The decline in the Government's share of petrol pump prices is the result of overall fuel prices rising faster than increases in petrol duty.

The ONS also revealed that the poorest 20% of homes are paying twice as much of their salary on fuel duties than the richest ones, with 3.5% of disposable income spent on this in 2009/10. In contrast the wealthiest 20% are paying just 1.8% on duties, figures show.

Overall fuel duties accounted for around 2.3% of disposable income spent in the average UK household.

But the richest 20% of households paid almost three times the amount paid by poorest homes in cash terms.

The richest homes spent £1,062 on petrol taxes in 2009/10, while the poorest 20% spent £365. Overall during 2009/10 the average UK household spent £677 on fuel duties.

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