Government 'mulls MoT test change'

Vehicles in the UK may not need to have an MoT test until they are four years old under new changes being proposed.

At present, vehicles aretested once a year after they hit three years old.

But the Government is proposing to change it in line with the European system, which would see an MoT required after four years, then a re-test every second year after that, according to The Times.

Mike Penning, minister for road safety, confirmed that a review of the MoT test would take place.

He said: "The MoT plays an important role in making sure vehicles are road worthy and should strike the right balance between vehicle safety and the burden imposed on motorists.

"We intend to undertake a review of the MoT testing regime but have not made a decision about any change to the system."

Any potential change may anger the motor industry and road safety groups.

Elizabeth Box from the RAC told the newspaper: "Making the test every two years instead of one may well make sense given that today's cars are generally more reliable.

"But if drivers do not inspect their cars regularly for tyre or other defects, reducing the formal inspection rate is likely to have a negative impact on road safety."

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