Government looking at electric motorways

Government looking at electric motorways

The UK is to host trials of 'electric motorways', in a bid to help drivers of electric vehicles go further, reports the Independent.

Limited range is a problem that owners of the motors have to put up with, especially when making long journeys.

But if the trials are a success, having to stop at service stations to recharge batteries could one day be a thing of the past.

Wireless charging technology is already well established for mobile phones.

Something similar could be applied to motorways, whereby an electromagnetic transmitter embedded in the road charges a car as it passes.

The transmitter would induce voltage in a receiver attached to the bottom of the car.

This voltage could then be used to charge the battery as the car travels along, potentially extending range.

The trials on home soil will be the first of their kind.

Highways England has already spent £200,000 investigating the practicalities of a dynamic charging system under the surface of the road.

Off-road trials for electric motorways will begin later this year, the paper suggests.

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