Government doubles spending on cyclists

Government doubles spending on cyclists

The UK could soon become as synonymous with cyclists as the likes of Denmark and France, if the Deputy Prime Minister gets his way.

Nick Clegg has pledged £214 million to popularise cycling still further in the wake of Britain staging some of the Tour de France's stages last summer.

The package aims to make the pastime safer and even encourage some motorists to get on their bikes, especially in eight named cities.

Over half of this sum will be invested between now and 2017 on speeding up the development of cycling networks across Oxford, Bristol, Cambridge, Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds and Norwich.

Under the scheme, cyclists in these cities will also benefit from more protection at risky junctions.

The remainder will be spent on upgrading key routes for walkers and cyclists.

Mr Clegg said events such as the London 2012 Olympics as well as the 2014 Tour de France have helped fuel a cycling "revolution".

He says the money could bring "massive" rewards with the NHS saving multi-billion pound sums in reducing congestion and petrol fumes and safer cycling.

Patrick McLoughlin, the Transport Secretary, said the sum pledged means that Government money allocated to cycling has doubled.

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