Government defends salt supply

The Scottish Government has insisted it has provided councils with enough salt to deal with the barrage of snowfall that has hit the country.

Scottish Labour politicians have criticised the SNP Government for the conditions on roads and pavements in Fife over the festive period, but finance secretary John Swinney said that the amount of salt available to councils was being managed effectively.

"The Scottish Government is working tirelessly to keep Scotland moving," said Mr Swinney. "Our Resilience officials alerted Transport Scotland to the situation in Fife and, as a result of our intervention, enough supplies of salt have now been sourced to treat roads for the immediate future.

"Thanks to the Scottish Government Resilience operation that has been up and running right through the holiday period, we have up to date information on salt and grit supplies all over Scotland."

Labour MSP John Park, who has written to the transport minister calling for an investigation, said: "The condition of the roads and pathways across Fife during the festive season has been diabolical.

"The people of Fife expect better, and having enough grit to make our roads safer at this time of year is a very basic obligation."

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