Google pushes new in-car Android

Google pushes new in-car Android

Audi, Honda and GM have signed a deal with Google in an initiative aimed at incorporating the Android operating system into all new cars.

The search giant has entered into the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) with the carmakers in a bid to make Android the standard for in-car computers, bringing its 700,000 existing apps to dashboards.

With an Android-powered computer inside their cars, motorists would be able to access email, apps and music on their smartphone directly from their dashboard.

It is believed GPS and some kind of voice-activated hands-free control system would also be included in the set-up to make driving "safer, easier and more enjoyable".

Google announced the news at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, while its director of Android Engineering, Patrick Brady, said in a blog post: "Today, millions of people already bring Android phones and tablets into their cars, but it's not yet a driving-optimised experience.

"Wouldn't it be great if you could bring your favourite apps and music with you, and use them safely with your car's built-in controls and in-dash display?"

The initiative follows a similar move by Apple after it linked up with BMW, Daimler, Mercedes and Honda to develop smart dashboards featuring its operating system iOS and its Siri application, that enables voice-activated emails and text messages.

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