Google Glass wearer 'to fight fine'

Google Glass wearer 'to fight fine'

A motorist given a penalty ticket because she was wearing a special type of computerised glasses says she plans to challenge the fine.

Cecilia Abadie had on the Google Glass device which features a hidden computer and a thumbnail-size display screen just above the right eye.

She was pulled over for speeding but was given an extra ticket because the police officer believed she was being distracted by a video or television screen while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Ms Abadie insists that the glasses are better than GPS devices and smartphones for navigation because they are less of a distraction and that she was not even using the device anyway when she was pulled over by the California Highway patrol officer, according to a report by Associated Press.

"The law is not clear. The laws are very outdated," the software developer reportedly said.

But according to David Strayer, from the Centre for the Prevention of Distracted Driving at Utah University, glancing at the screen on Google Glass diverts the driver's attention from the road and, therefore, makes the device dangerous to use behind the wheel.

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